About the Artist
I am a Canadian photographer who gets to travel the world and likes to share the things I see with the help of my macro lens. My photos speak for themselves and I want people have there own reaction and  feelings about them. Let them transport you to magnificent places in world and see the remarkable details of the realm around us. Nature’s color palette at its best, inviting us to take a minute from our hectic lives to view the tranquil and still beauty of our environment. Remember to take the time to capture moments of life, I do with the help of my lens.

My artistic journey started in Spain where I began taking photographs which led to a new way of viewing life, light and the world. I complete the same walk everyday with my camera, seeing the same subjects in different light, seasons and I enjoyed all the little changes from day to day. Change is constantly happening in a single movement, with a single shift in light, or with a simple change in one’s point of view.
I have published two books the first book called Treasures in the Sand, which is a unique look at the flora and fauna of the Kuwait desert, my second book Treasures of the Jungle is an interesting look at the jungles and views of Panama.
In the past I have not photo-shopped my images as I what to portray the real world. Sadly I have had to start doing the minimal amount of manipulation to keep people interested as now most of the photos you see online in no way resemble the original taken from the camera.

 I enjoy photography as a hobby and would like the chance to share my view of the world with others. Visit Instagram to catch daily sun shots. I would like to thank my husband and all my friends for their support and encouragement.

If you are interested in purchasing or using any images please contact me.
Best Regards, Andrea
Art in the Park 2023
Joined Geneva Lake Art Foundation showing in Gallery 223
Published in Pursuit:365 an example of every-day pursuit of success, happiness and achievement.
Celebrate Spring! Exhibition - Shanley House Art Gallery, Texas
Pecan Plantation Art Guild Spring Show, Texas
Golden Silence Second Place large Painting or Photography
Front cover of the Columns HOA Magazine
Daisies Poppies Interrupted
June Group show at Shanley House Art Gallery, Texas
Ark Leaf - Award of Achievement at Pecan Plantation Art Guild Spring Show, Texas
Poppies - SPECIAL JUROR AWARD at LGAA Membership Spring Show, Texas
4 Post Cards for Sale at O'Keefe Historic Ranch
Eastern Inspirations, Solo exhibition at the Ark in Salcedo Lounge, Manila
Yellow and Kio, solo exhibition of photography and art work in Manila at Set Artist Run Space
“Hairy Feet” chosen as 1 of 10 images to be at shown at the Camden Image Gallery Animal Portraits Exhibition, June 10th Until June 16th, Camden London UK
2 photos exhibited at Hungry for a challenge Photography Exhibition 29 June – July 15 Borough Market London and featured in the calendar for charity.
Images of our World Part 2, Solo exhibition at the Ark in Salcedo Lounge, Manila
Images of our World, home exhibition. Other creative art works.
Art, painting and photography sessions with artists Tony Piggot and Eleanor Giron.
3 week photo exhibition in Panama at Pangea.
Published second book Treasure of the Jungle.
Exhibited in the K Open Day, Kuwait
Photo published in the Pekin Times Illinois USA.
Injaz art auction and exhibition Kuwait.
Photo Published in the Arab Times Kuwait of Graham Hughes visit to the British Ladies Society.
Published first book Treasures in the Sand.
Photos of the H.E. Micheal Aron and British Ladies Society mini souk published in the Arab Times Kuwait.
First solo exhibition in Kuwait.
President of The British Ladies Society in Kuwait presented the H.E. Micheal Aron the British Ambassador to Kuwait with “Camel Talk” as a leaving gift.
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